Pipe condition assessment


The Voyager™ is the next generation pipeline condition assessment and leak detection technology for both short and long distance pipeline assessments and is compatible with water, gas and industrial pipelines. The Voyager™ is extremely advanced with technology and sensors, whilst offering cost effective assessments that can be applied to all pipework greater than 4in. diameter.

The system is miniature (at less than 2inches diameter), simple to operate with minimal enabling works required for installation and removal of the device and data. The system may be activated in either free flowing or tethered mode and does not need to be kept central during surveys, meaning the size is drastically reduced.

The Voyager™ offers high quality video, hydrophone, ultrasonic and EM Wave technology for:

  • Condition assessment
  • Dimensional surveys
  • Defect/crack identification
  • Leak detection
  • Visual assessment