Infrastructures that carry water have a limited lifespan, therefore it is essential that these infrastructures are properly maintained.

Water utilities lose a significant amount of the water on an annual basis known as non-revenue water (NRW). NRW is water that has already been treated and run through their distribution networks but is unaccounted for before delivery to the consumer. The loss is a result of leaks, water main breaks or unauthorized usage. 

To help find the culprit of NRW, Aquam's pipe system inspection and diagnostic solutions are used to provide live-feed analysis of of piping, all while the system is operating. This dynamic selection of various nondestructive inspection and assessment equipment, coupled with recording devices and unique software are used to provide accurate, detailed reports and locate problems inside of the world's leading utilities' pipelines.

Utilized and desired in all industries, pipe assessment technologies save customers money from disruptive, destructive repairs by allowing utilities to make educated plans to repair infrastructure that is in need and ultimately help prevent piping system catastrophes.

Aquam’s capabilities include investigating pipe wall conditions, material validation, sediment issues, locating closed valves, life expectancy of pipes, condition assessment, main renewal prioritization and asset management budget validation.