Rehabilitate the failing roof drain system for the Congregation Beth Isreal and stop all leaks while preserving the temple’s structure and causing minimal disruption.

The temple’s storm drain system experienced cracks and leaks due to its old age and corrosion. Maintenance crews had replaced failing pipes as leaks were found, but the leaks became more frequent with time. When some of the pipes leaked through the roof and onto the synagogue’s 100-year-old organ, it caused about $100,000 of damage to the roof, the organ and the surrounding area. The facilities manager then knew he had to find a long-term solution to stop and prevent leaks, but a re-pipe would cause a lot of disruption to services and would be very challenging to schedule.


After a successful previous experience with Nu Flow’s rehabilitation of the temple’s potable pipes, the facilities manager called us back to retrofit the leaking storm drain system because of our ability to complete the work with minimum disruption. Although the synagogue was inconvenienced as little as possible, the roof drain pipes are on several tiered roofs, making this job exceptionally challenging for the Nu Flow technicians.

Furthermore, technicians lined pipes in tight working spaces. One of the drain pipes was in a chase, so a technician in a safety harness was lowered 20 feet in order to access it and install the liner. This was feasible because Nu Flow has developed proprietary solutions and installation procedures for in-building pipe systems.

The storm drain system was successfully cleaned and lined with Nu Flow’s patented structural liner. Our trenchless technology allows the structural liner to cure in place, creating a new pipe within the host pipe. This Pull-in-Place

liner eliminates the need for digging, destruction and disruption that would occur during a re-pipe.


Nu Flow’s solution has saved the customer at least tens of thousands of dollars in damage and renovation costs. Nu Flow’s innovative pipe rehabilitation solutions are eco-friendly, cost-effective, long-term and can be catered to your needs. Patrick Colbert, Facilities Manager, at Congregation Beth Israel stated “It wasn’t just about what Nu Flow saved us in money. It’s what Nu Flow saved us in headache and worry.”

Technical Data

The entire cast iron storm drain system consists of 4”, 6” and 10” pipes, located along four roof segments. The pipes are about 50 years old.

Congregation Beth Israel

Houston, Texas

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