Pipe Rehabilitation

Aquam’s Pipe Rehabilitation Division is focused on providing proven rehabilitation solutions for pipe infrastructures.

These solutions can be applied within both the commercial and residential sectors as well as within the potable water, waste water and natural gas industries.  The Aquam pipe rehabilitation solutions replace legacy methods of servicing and repairing pipe infrastructures such as re-piping or full replacement.

Aquam manufactures and installs an array of technologies designed to rehabilitate the inner infrastructure of deteriorated, failing or contaminated (in the case of lead or galvanized pipe) pipe infrastructures.

These pipe infrastructures include, but are not limited to, pressurized infrastructures such as potable water, natural gas delivery, HVAC, fire suppression and non-pressurized infrastructures such as wastewater. The solutions are deployed within buildings and within underground utilities using a variety of epoxies, polyurethane/polyurea coatings and structural liners. In the case of pressurized infrastructures, Aquam’s solution combines an epoxy or polyurethane/polyurea coating delivered through pressurized air into the existing pipe infrastructure. In the case of non-pressurized infrastructures, Aquam delivers a structural pipe lining system to the area requiring repair.