• Aquam Pipe Diagnostics Aquam Pipe Diagnostics develops and deploys superior technologies to address global water and wastewater challenges.
    With its suite of patented, award-winning pipeline inspection, leak detection, condition assessment and asset management technologies and services, APD provides asset owners and managers with actionable data and the insights required to effectively manage pipeline infrastructures across the globe. In addition, APD partners with contractors and engineers to extend their capabilities and meet service obligations.
    • Technology designed to meet the unique challenges of today’s asset managers
    • Deployment in live, pressurized mains with no service disruption
    • Extremely competitive cost-basis
    • Inspections made easy, utilizing existing access points including hydrants
    • APD provides both inspection services and products with training and tech support
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  • Specialized Pipe Technologies For more than 20 years, Specialized Pipe Technologies has helped building owners and operators rehabilitate their aging pipeline infrastructure with proven and minimally disruptive technologies. SPT provides Investigation, cleaning and rehabilitation for all pipeline systems, including sewer drains, potable water, fire suppression, HVAC and more. SPT is the experienced leader and trusted advisor to commercial and residential asset owners, lining more than 2 million linear feet of pipeline nationwide. Visit Website
  • Nu Flow Technologies Nu Flow Technologies is a leader in the small-diameter pipe lining industry. For more than 30 years, it has manufactured and distributed innovative equipment and materials to rehabilitate deteriorated or failing plumbing and mechanical pipeline infrastructure. Manufactured under the ISO 9001:2015 management system, Nu Flow’s leading-edge in-situ pipe rehabilitation technologies are deployed by its hundreds of licensees around the globe.
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  • Orbis Intelligent Systems Orbis Intelligent Systems is leading the field in live data acquisition and predictive assessments of pipeline infrastructure with its patented sensors and IoT technologies. Real-time monitoring capabilities help infrastructure owners and operators to make data-driven decisions, providing them with alerts and recommendations prior to the onset of critical events. Orbis’ next-generation devices are non-invasive, simple and inexpensive to install, and offer true turn-key solutions to pipeline asset owners and facility managers. Visit Website
  • Aquam Water Services Aquam Water Services works with UK water utilities to reduce leakage, better understand network assets and network performance, and implement cost-effective asset rehabilitation instead of costly asset replacement.
    • Standpipe management and CALM Network Training
    • GPS Standpipe technology to remotely monitor water meter performance and enable automated billing
    • Revenue and non-revenue consumption data
    • Leak detection and asset diagnostic technology within a live main
    • Cleaning of mains distribution pipes
    • Lining of small-diameter and customer-side pipe networks
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