Retrofit the lateral sewer line located inside a mall under a Starbucks and Barnes & Noble store, without disruption to tenants.

Corrosion of the cast iron sewer line resulted in chronic failure including clogging and multiple backups that required a plumber to clear. Camera inspections revealed that the bottom of the pipe had a large hole.


First, Nu Flow cleared the corrosion inside the pipe, returning it to its original inside diameter. Once complete, the pipes were retrofitted with the patented Nu Flow process by pulling a seamless structural liner into place, extending the pipes useful life. Nu Flow performed the work after mall hours to avoid disruption to the mall’s operations with a procedure that did not require digging through the floors and foundation.


Mike Hansen, General Manager at Grossmont Shopping Center stated “As opposed to using traditional methods of replacing the failed portion of pipe and inconveniencing our tenant, we chose to hire Nu Flow to line the interior of the pipe with an epoxy. We completed this work over two years ago and have not experienced an issue since.” 

Aged and failing pipe systems are common in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Whether you are experiencing problems now or are interested in preventing the inevitable failure of your plumbing system, Nu Flow is available to restore your peace of mind.

Technical Data

Cast iron piping system in a 939,000 square foot, single-level outdoor center.

Grossmont Shopping Center

La Mesa, California

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