South Salt Lake City had a 12” potable water line that was leaking over 5,000 gallons per minute and was taken out of service due to a catastrophic failure. The City suspected that the failure happened in a 1,050-foot pipe. Since the leak was not surfacing, it was feared that the leak was in a 200-foot section of pipe running under the I-15 Freeway. The City did not have any drawing on the line but suspected that the line was 30 feet below the freeway. South Salt Lake City requested Bridge Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, a CIPP contractor to come in and verify that the line had not failed under the freeway.


Bridge Plumbing’s expertise and industry knowledge led them to contact JD7 for use of the Investigator to inspect 600 feet of pipe from two insertion points. JD7 went through a ‘hot tap’ on a 14” line at the pump house and verified the condition of the 200 feet of pipe under the I-15 Freeway. JD7 was able to confirm that the pipe did follow a path of a major elevation change to go under the freeway.


JD7 was able to determine there was no failure under the freeway. JD7 also went through a service line from the opposite end of the line and was able to narrow the leak to a 450-foot section of pipe in a vacant lot. No further investigation was required at this point as the water department had access to excavate in the vacant lot and JD7 had met their objective to verify the condition of the line under I-15 Freeway.

Technical Data

12” Potable Water Line
30 feet below 200 feet of freeway

South Salt Lake City

South Salt Lake City, Utah

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