Trenchless technologies once again approved by UPC for use in cast iron soil pipes and fittings.

San Diego, March 1, 2020 – NuFlow Technologies is pleased to announce the decision of IAPMO to once again permit the use of trenchless rehabilitation methodologies and materials within cast iron pipe. 

As a result of changes to the 2018 UPC and proposed changes to the 2021 UPC (which effectively banned the use of CIPP lining within cast iron pipe), NuFlow requested the assistance of NASSCO to appeal this decision. In January 2020, NuFlow’s Tom Bowman, along with NASSCO’s Kaleel Rahaim and Connie Wilson, met with IAPMO to successfully advocate in support of the NASSCO petition for relief.

Responding to the petition from NASSCO, IAPMO found, “ample evidence within the complete record favoring the technical merit of the cured-in-place rehabilitation of cast iron pipe. The Board finds nothing within the record to evince that this process as applied to this product is not technically sound.” As a result, Section 715.3 of the 2018 Uniform Plumbing Code has been returned to the language of the 2015 edition, and the 2021 edition will likewise continue to permit the use of trenchless methodologies and materials. The full decision can be read on the IAPMO website, here.

NuFlow is appreciative of the collaborative efforts of NASSCO towards the favorable resolution of this matter with IAPMO.

Dan Squiller, CEO of NuFlow’s parent company Aquam Corporation said, “Our customers face a wide range of situations in their buildings, where rehabilitation versus replacement offers significant economic advantages and minimizes disruption to residents and tenants. Trenchless technologies provide practical solutions to aging pipe infrastructure. Simply put, this ruling ensures needed options for customers in the marketplace.”

NuFlow encourages all plumbing and mechanical contractors working with trenchless pipe rehabilitation technologies to join NASSCO and to participate in their vendor-neutral educational and market development efforts.


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