Pipeline inspection specialist JD7, which was acquired by infrastructure services specialist Aquam Corporation in 2014, is launching its PipeScan+ structural condition assessment technology in September 2015.

The multi-sensor ultrasonic sonde system has recently completed verification with a number of large UK utilities.

PipeScan+ can be inserted into live water and wastewater pipelines, allowing pipes to be scanned while the network remains in service. A full dimensional survey can be achieved on any pipe material including multiple wall-thickness measurements, corrosion and flaw identification, along with calculation of lining thickness.

JD7’s technical director Daniel Krywyj said:

“The verification trials showed that PipeScan+ can secure a much broader understanding of pipe condition than exhuming a small pipe section and sending it to a laboratory. It provides much more detail over a much longer range.”

Read the full Institute of Water article below  (Page 15)

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