Improves Water Resource Management with IoT Solutions

SAN DIEGO, July 16, 2019 - Orbis Intelligent Systems, a division of Aquam Corporation, recently launched the evolution of smart infrastructure monitoring systems at an industry event in Las Vegas. Led by infrastructure industry veteran Danny Krywyj, the Orbis product line provides feature-rich, non-invasive technologies to help move cities toward smart water infrastructure, providing predictive assessments of pipeline infrastructure that helps owners and operators make data-driven decisions before network integrity and efficiency are compromised.

The company hosted a launch party with industry professionals on July 11 to showcase the future of water and pipeline management. The event featured reviews of current and upcoming devices including the ProdigyTM, a non-invasive clip-on IoT pipe monitoring device; the Prodigy UltraPipeTM GPS remote metering device, the Prodigy SmartCapTMfire hydrant cap which assesses leakage, pressure, tamper and flow activity; an OEM smart hydrant monitoring device; and the Orbis cloud-based portal which gathers and analyzes real time data.

Said Mr. Krywyj "Our aging water infrastructure is wasting our most precious resource and damaging our environment – at Orbis Intelligent Systems we're working to manage and preserve those resources and assets using ground-breaking IoT solutions."

Contact: Simon Wick - or 619-455-9165

About Orbis Intelligent Systems 

Orbis Intelligent Systems, an Aquam Corporation company, provides data-driven monitoring solutions for pipeline infrastructure, including waste/drain pipelines, potable water pipelines, fire suppression systems, utility distribution pipelines, and HVAC and mechanical pipelines. Orbis' technologies empower asset owners and operators with real-time high-quality data, integrated data analytics, and low-cost IoT solutions across commercial, residential, and utility applications. For more information, visit

About Aquam Corporation

Aquam Corporation is a global firm that provides integrated infrastructure support, diagnostics, rehabilitation and monitoring solutions for water and gas infrastructure. For more information, visit

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