From 1st of April 2007 only United Utilities Equipment will be allowed to connect to the water network these are a unique design and easily recognizable.

Note from this date it will be a criminal offence to connect to United Utilities water network using one of your own Standpipes you could be subject to a fine of £1000.00 and upon conviction for illegal use you will also be liable for any other claims made against United Utilities or Water Services for damage or compensation as a result of the illegal connection.

As from 31st March 2007 all United Utilities Licences Expired these are no longer in use.

United Utilities Standpipes now contain a built – in water meter that records your water usage , as per our terms & conditions it is the Standpipe users responsibility to provide us with a Monthly reading which you will then be invoiced for the water used.

Water Service Division is working alongside United Utilities in implementing these new regulations and supplying any future applications for Standpipes.

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