Research has been undertaken for sometime to understand transient surge in water distribution networks and the effect this has on structural failure. Over the past three years developments in technology has enabled the water industry to combat some of the causes and take steps to reduce failure on the network.

Water Services are pleased to announce that they are at the forefront of sharing that knowledge and are able to deliver learning experiences to all water companies, private supply operators, Fire & rescue services, etc.

For more information Download our training course brochure here

We have recently engaged Roman Boryslawskyj who, with 39 years experience with Yorkshire Water, led their Calm Network project which delivered the awareness to over 800 colleagues.

Working with Morrison Utility Services, who have the ability to construct compact network simulators, we have formulated a comprehensive training and assessment package for all who may operate water networks such as Network Technicians, Leakage Inspectors and Repair & Maintenance Contractors but no just limited to them as this can be extended to all who operate hydrants as well.

This training is flexible and can be bespoke to the clients needs.

We are currently engaged to deliver 40 training sessions for Thames Water at their facility at Kempton Park where over 300 delegates will experience the training  which will assist in a behavioural change for their staff & contractors.

The benefits of this training go far beyond the reduction of network failures as it also addresses the other negative effects:

  • Increases longevity of the system whilst funding for refurbishment or replacement is obtained.

  • The effects on SIM (Service Incentive Mechanism) with less No Water & Burst/Leak contacts and DG3 risk to customers

  • Reduced risk of Water Quality events ( Ingress/Contamination & Discolouration)

  • Reduced risk of pollution ( burst main run off to water courses)

  • Reduction in  Traffic Disruption caused by repair

  • Cost – With the average repair at over £1k  - this is a significant saving on OPEX

  • Reduced Leakage and Water Demand

To support the new techniques on how to operate valves & hydrants Supply UK have developed new tooling to compliment the Calm Networks Training and are readily available from us.

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