Infrastructure Data Management

Water utilities lose a significant amount of the water that is treated and run through their distribution networks due primarily to leakage and to unauthorized and/or unbilled usage. 

Often, the exact cause of the water loss is unknown and this translates to forgone revenue, also known as non-revenue water.  The cost of non-revenue water is typically borne by customers paying for the billed portion of water consumption as well as by the utilities who operate the water pipe infrastructures.

Aquam’s IDM Division provides a remote metering service to assist utilities in managing their remote delivery of water resources and accurately tracking consumption which in turn provides a revenue source for the operators of the pipe infrastructures.  The IDM division tracks and collates all the water usage data collected through their proprietary  system.  This data is used to accurately bill the end consumer of the water for their usage as the utility can now accurately track consumption.  In addition, the data also allows the water utility to provide to the regulatory authorities the factual data that illustrates how the utility is managing and minimizing its non-revenue water.