Water and Sewer

Infrastructures that carry water have a limited lifespan, therefore it is essential that these infrastructures are properly maintained.

Aquam’s solutions include pipe lining technologies for pressurized potable water pipes, including those made of lead.

There are over 10 million lead pipes providing water to homes and businesses in North America. Aquam’s SerlineTM 266L polyurethane-polyurea hybrid resin has met requirements for compliance with NSF/ANSI 61 - Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects. The flexible Serline 266L resin coats the inside of lead pipes, creating a permanent barrier between the pipe and water. Water is isolated from the pipe material, providing building owners and communities an economical means to meet ever-tightening drinking water health and regulatory standards. The custom application system features a data-driven, computer-controlled and automated pipe rehabilitation process that precisely distributes the environmentally safe and regulatory approved Serline 266L throughout the length of the pipe. The in-situ applied polymeric lining is injected through lead pipe access points, without having to dig up or remove the pipes. The Serline process provides end to end process traceability and documentation and has been used to line over 13,000 lead service pipes worldwide. Lining pipes is safer, faster, and less expensive than pipe replacement, and represents our best opportunity to remove lead from our communities’ drinking water.

Aquam’s NuLine is a pipe barrier coating that uses epoxy to cover the inside of potable water pipe walls without having to rip up the interior or exterior of a building, or its landscaping. NuLine is used as a long-term solution to prevent corrosion and leaks, as well as a preventative tool to preserve the life of existing piping systems. Recommended application of NuLine is in pipe diameters of 1/2″ to 12″.