Leak Detection

Aquam has a range of equipment used for pressurized pipe inspection and leak detection and has pioneered non-disruptive pressurized water main CCTV and NDT condition assessment technologies with support from the UK’s leading utility and water companies.

Aquam’s design and development engineers are at the forefront of NDT, CCTV and acoustic technology with a huge portfolio of pipeline industry, Ministry of Defence, medical and nuclear engineering products.


The Investigator™ is a pressurised pipe inspection and leak detection system for 100m investigations within distribution water mains. The systems camera and hydrophone technology is matched for 75mm to 300mm diameter pipe work for complete asset condition examination and leak finding. Unlike any other commercially available technology, the Investigator can be launched through fire hydrants, pressure fittings, air valves, gate valves and quadrina tapings at full mains pressure. The Investigator is capable of 100m travel with and against the water flow in water mains up to 16bar pressure.

The system uses an electronic or manual drive mechanism to feed and retract the sensor head within the water main. This ensures a consistent feed rate and increases control of the position of the sensor. The mechanism also allows water integrity within pressurised water mains.

The integral hydrophone and sonde is operated in parallel with the camera system, offering visual and acoustic data all as well as locating the area of interest from one operation. The sensitivity on the hydrophone technology is incredible, where many filtering and frequency options are offered with the technology.

Key Benefits of using the Investigator:

  • Leakage Surveys and Reduce Leakage
  • Condition assessments
  • Illegal connection/services identification
  • Lining Quality Assessment
  • Water quality investigation
  • Pipework Mapping
  • Valve Assessment


The LDS1000™ system is the most advanced long distance CCTV and leak detection system available for use within pressurised trunk mains.

The LDS1000™ is capable of 1000m surveys and includes state of the art High Definition CCTV technology coupled with ultra-high response hydrophone technology along with a high powered sonde for precise leakage and acoustic surveys. All three technologies are compiled into one small sensor head dramatically increasing survey distances per day. Maximum operating pressure is 16 bar. Due to the efficient design of the system, results are achievable in very low flow scenarios.

Key benefits of the technology, include the ability to launch the system through small pressure fittings, air valves, gate valves and pillar style fire hydrants as seen in USA and Canada. Utilising such network components, drastically reduces implementation costs and eliminates excavation requirements which has been a huge driver for the technology.

Advantages using the LDS1000™ over competitors systems includes:

  • Reduced costs due to entry points
  • High Definition quality video, high sensitivity hydrophone
  • Efficiency of combining both CCTV and hydrophone into one system allows up to double the distance to be achieved per day