Pipe Condition Assessment

Orbis Intelligent Systems

Condition assessment is more important now than ever considering our aging infrastructure. Orbis Intelligent System's suite of Prodigy technology can combat this by being easily installed onto an existing pipe or hydrant. and each version features monitoring and alert patterns optimized for each type of system. Costly bursts, leaks, tampering, blockages and health hazards can be avoided by ensuring pipeline infrastructure is working as efficiently as possible.  

The Orbis Prodigy product range is an asset-level technology that can be clipped onto any pipework from 1/2 inch to 12 inch diameters, or onto fire hydrants by replacing a standard cap with our SmartCap. Our products monitor an array of pipe conditions including live leak detection through to tamper alerts, condition monitoring and Legionella alerts. The technology range covers potable water lines, fire sprinklers, HVAC, waste/drain and petrochemical systems. M2M connectivity coupled with an Orbis Live Portal system gives all asset owners and facility managers a truly powerful water management system with real-time monitoring and alerts.  

Using the Orbis Prodigy enables all assets to become “smart enabled” with no disruption or risk to the host infrastructure.